Numeric and string data

Key words:

Compared with most other languages, the data of JavaScript is actually small, but it is also enough for web applications.



Numerical types can be divided into integers and floating-point types. Integers are numbers without a decimal point, which can be positive or negative integers, such as 12345, -456780.0, 56, etc .; the maximum value of an integer depends on the running javascript application The platform of the program. Floating point is a number that can include a decimal part, which can be composed of integer parts and decimal parts, such as 12, 34, 0.998, 1.237, -9.5, etc., or 5E7, 4E5, etc. can be represented by scientific or standard methods.

2.String type

One or more nicknamed by single or double are called strings, such as "this is a book", 'hotel', "Hello!", Etc. The "Hello" used in the previous example is welcome to visit our website ! "Is also a string type.