Five simple e-commerce models to analyze dry goods sharing

Key words:

The competition of e-commerce, if it is only a simple information display and transaction, can no longer meet the requirements of the new era. In the new era of the mobile Internet, many new e-commerce business models have emerged. How to do well in e-commerce and e-commerce profit models have become the focus of attention. Compared with traditional e-commerce, its competitiveness is stronger and can be divided into the following five categories:

E-commerce earning model (1) Content e-commerce

User evaluation and word of mouth have always been the focus of e-commerce platform operations. With Xiaohong's book representative, how to choose and use various cosmetics? Hear what grass growers say. Users can learn new beauty and makeup techniques while shopping, and can also discuss and share with each other. Bring the traditional shopping concept to life.

Content can not only attract users through self-media dissemination, but also increase user viscosity and conversion rate, help companies build their own brands, and establish industry benchmark status.

1. There are two main ways of content production:

(1) Production or contract of platform operator

Through user analysis, users' needs are digged to form content topics, which are then extended based on themes to form a content matrix. In the early stage of content e-commerce, most of the content needs to be produced by itself to form an atmosphere. You can also use the KOL (Opinions) and Big V appointments in the industry.

(2) Guide and encourage users to produce

In order to cause users to spontaneously interact to generate content, a perfect reward system is essential. For example, if there are more than 10 people who like to comment on the content, they will be rewarded with red envelopes. You can also combine points and other forms to interactively accumulate points and redeem points for gifts.

2. Content form:

(1) List: For example, 8 kinds of quick breakfast artifacts that benefit lazy people. Provide solutions for customers with choice difficulties;

(2) Doing evaluation: It is more persuasive to evaluate the product from the perspective of a third party;

(3) Sharing by experts: sharing the experience of using products for users;

(4) IP drainage: make use of personal influences such as celebrities, KOL, big V, etc. to make grass recommendation.

E-commerce earning model (2) Community e-commerce

If you want to ask people where a vertical industry group is concentrated, the industry community is definitely a good answer. The era of social networking for all, coupled with the recent popularity of fission marketing, has infinitely expanded the value of community operations. The large book is achieved through community fission. The community e-commerce money-making model is an increase in community operations on the e-commerce platform. At present, the new "Hundred Regiments" is the community e-commerce.

1. Purpose of community operation

(1) Communities are a simple and efficient way for brands to communicate with users. Communities can be used to obtain users' needs in time, and users can be notified through marketing and event information.

(2) If there is a problem, instead of Baidu, join the community and discuss directly. For users, the psychological barrier to community is low.

(3) Herd effect: Through the trumpet interaction in the community, it is very easy to produce herd effect and drive fan participation.

2.The core of community operations

Many people may say: Why is my community an advertising group, a zombie group? Xiaomi, which started as a community, summarizes two magic weapons:

(1) Sense of value : The value of the community lies in efficient and valuable interactive communication. It is necessary to reward frequently interacting fans, but also to guide community topics and release industry hotspot information.

(2) Sense of participation: When the product changes from "others" to "my", the product is invincible. Let users participate in the operation of the community to form user discussion groups, rather than official sales and advertising groups.

3.Community operation plan

(1) Community positioning: Before pulling the group, you should plan the theme of the community and sort out the value to the company and users. If product reputation is not good, avoid group building.

(2) Community rules: After new members join, inform the community rules.

(3) Promoting activities: publishing daily information, bringing up hot topics, social topics, setting up sharing activities, red envelope rewards, etc.

(4) Build core fans: build the soul figures of the community and form the focus.

(5) Big coffee platform: find big coffee to serve as a community platform to enhance the overall value of the community and the sense of gain of the group members.

E-commerce earning model (3) Distribution e-commerce

In the era of social networking for all, not only has the value of content and community been greatly improved, distribution has also become a major marketing tool. With the help of the distribution system, so that every buyer becomes a salesperson, SOIREE's Little Black Dress relies on the three-tier distribution model to reach the circle of friends. It has achieved 100 million revenue from zero in one year, and Country Garden has developed a salary of 6 million in three years Salesman, monthly sales exceeded 10 billion.

At present, all the marketing cases of the rapid rise of the Internet must have the concept of distribution among them!

As for the enterprise: the marketing expenses of Guangsha Net in the past will be distributed to the fans, so that the fans can spread in their circle of friends, more accurately and efficiently. Gather a strong marketing team in the short term to form a strong carrying capacity.

For fans: Joining the distribution army can not only save money by purchasing, but also make money by distributing.

The distribution model is very familiar to everyone, but the explosive spread effect on the mobile Internet is not expected by many people. Want to make money fast, distribution is! I won't repeat them here, who knows who uses them.

E-commerce money-making model (four) shopping guide e-commerce

The shopping mall is similar to the distribution mall, but all products on the shopping mall platform come from well-known e-commerce money-making platforms such as Taobao and Pinduoduo. In other words, you don't need to find the goods yourself, do customer service, do after-sale, delivery, etc., you can also make money by selling goods.

On your shopping guide platform, users can buy coupons and purchase products from Taobao, Pinduoduo and other platforms, but the price is really better than the direct purchase. Users can also share these coupons with friends. After friends buy at low prices, users can get commissions. Of course, as a platform operator, you also have commission income.

Such a self-purchasing tool saves money and shares money. As long as users promote it, they can lay down and make money, and the platform can naturally get good income.

E-commerce money-making model (5) New retail

"There will be no more e-commerce in the future, only new retail." Ma Yun's new retail model, Ma Xiansheng, will increase the single-store revenue by more than three times through the online and offline linkage model.

Against the background of the slow growth in traffic of pure online e-commerce models such as Taobao and Tmall, a new retail model of online and offline integration has emerged. Hurry up in the enclosure.

After experiencing through the physical store, users can place orders through the mobile app anytime and anywhere. There is no need to go downstairs, which is faster and safer, and it is more convenient than traditional online shopping. You can also get event discounts through the app.

For merchants, it is assisted by the e-commerce money-making model, extending the customer range from the previous two kilometers to ten kilometers, and the product categories are infinitely expanded, breaking the category restrictions. You can also quickly establish a membership mechanism for unified management, and deliver new product and event information.

These five new business models can be selected according to their own circumstances, or they can be combined. For example, the content + community model, such as the distribution + shopping guide model, are very good.

So how to have a platform similar to the e-commerce money model?

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