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Outsourcing seo to a third party is a desirable way. It is feasible to build your own seo team. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose according to your own situation. So, how to build a reliable seo team? The answer lies in the detailed positioning of talent skills itself, and the correct positioning of talents is not far from the most reliable seo technical team.


How to build a seo team is a headache for many business owners? Personally, I recommend to refine the job responsibilities in detail, and gain the advantages of interviewers during the interview process. , Such as very prominent professional skills and so on. Set up suitable positions such as seo supervisor, front-end seo technicians, editors, seo external chain specialists, etc. Specifically:

First, the team must be SEO supervisor

Being the head of the SEO department plays a vital role in the SEO department. It is the leader of the entire team. It is the so-called "one raging, one raging nest". Only a good leader can lead an efficient SEO optimization team. The SEO supervisor is responsible for the overall SEO coordination and management of the entire website. The SEO department supervisor needs to have a high level, be well versed in search engines and master the principles and methods of SEO.

The SEO supervisor is the soul of a team and the leader of the entire team. Only under the leadership of the SEO supervisor can the team realize its potential. In the early stage of website optimization, a more detailed and executable SEO optimization plan can be formulated. In addition to a comprehensive understanding of the entire SEO process, SEO executives also need to have certain front-end capabilities, website construction, HTML / CSS / JS / PHP code, Familiar with common CMS content management systems, so the SEO supervisor must be a compound talent, with strong personal optimization ability, excellent management ability, and communication and coordination ability.

SEO supervisor's daily work:

(1) Develop a detailed SEO optimization plan that can be executed in the early stage of website optimization. The formulation of SEO goals and the overall strategic planning of SEO, it is necessary to write a SEO optimization plan. At the same time do a good job of website data analysis.

(2) Overall planning and communication, including communication and collaboration with other departments, as well as the braking and execution of internal tasks and plans of the SEO department. Give each team member a detailed division of labor. Assign specific work, collaborate with other personnel, formulate work plans, control budgets for time and costs, and then implement the plan to do a good job of supervision.

(3) Carry out competitor analysis, keyword analysis, website diagnosis, and comprehensive website optimization.

(4) SEO training for team members, about once a week to train other staff in the seo department. It is also a way to increase communication between teams.

Second, the seo commissioner is indispensable

When it comes to SEO commissioners, many people may be confused. What exactly do SEO commissioners do? In fact, seo commissioners do the best user experience on the site. If necessary, you need to visit users offline Listen to the user's evaluation of the website and what kind of problems are in use, so as to reduce the bounce rate of users on the website and improve user stickiness. Optimize the internal structure of the website, classification settings, and URL standardization. In the case of insufficient staff, the seo commissioner is incorporated into the work of the seo department.

Seo Commissioner's specific work includes:

1. Responsible for the design of the internal structure of the station, and design pages that meet the optimization and user experience

2. Responsible for all optimization issues within the station. That is the user experience of the website, do 404, 301, robot.txt, check for dead links and so on.

3, the layout and distribution of the internal link, at the same time with the seo supervisor can manually adjust the important page titles, body content, keyword layout.

Third, front-end engineer

Technicians need to make websites in accordance with the requirements of SEO supervisors, and adjust the internal structure of the website, classification settings, URL specifications and redirection. The technical staff mainly takes the code optimization as the standard, adjust the structure of the website, and compress the code to achieve the purpose of optimization.

day-to-day work:

(1) Website construction according to the plan of the SEO supervisor.

(2) Adjust the website pages according to the SEO optimization needs, compress the website code, optimize the website structure, and add the nofollow tag to the internal link construction.

(3) Regularly check the website logs and communicate with the operation and maintenance, and do a good job of website security inspection and website processing.

Fourth, art

Website artists are also biased towards technical personnel. Website artists should have their own unique aesthetics and have their own views on the industry. Generally, if there are not enough staff, they are all website operation technicians and part-time website artists. The salary of those who understand art is very high. This kind of person is also the most scarce person now. Artists mainly cooperate with front-end engineers to design pictures that meet the needs of the website. Artists need to have a good art background, a deep grasp of color, and a unique design style to meet user needs.

Website beauty tools include:

1. Efficiently produce pictures and events on the website.

2. Website promotion poster production, product picture optimization.

Five, website seo editor

Editing high-quality original articles for a website requires a solid writing background and the ability to sense social events, network events, and so on. The editors of the website can be said to be difficult or not, simple and not easy. The editor of a website needs not only a solid writing skills, but also a keen sense of touch, able to sense the development of social events, network events, and so on. With the help of event marketing thinking, we can achieve the maximum effect to expose our brand, thereby forming traffic and conversion. The most popular excavator technology on the Internet now is the best example of event marketing.

Website seo editing work includes:

1. Responsible for the compilation of website content, keep the quantitative content updated daily, mainly based on original. Many companies require that editors may be dozens of articles a day, and think that this method is not advisable. Our articles focus on fine, but not many.

2. Copywriting design in the website, design keywords and brand words into the content, increase keyword density and brand word exposure.

3. Pay attention to hot news and events related to the website. Refer events to our products.

Six, seo external chain commissioner

This job is glorious and arduous. "Content is king, and external links are king", which explains the importance of our external links. But this job is a bit boring, we have to repeat the mechanical connection. Therefore, for this job, first you need to have a persistent mentality and a high degree of execution. The external chain commissioner should be clever when it comes to external links. If you only know the platform, it does n’t make any difference, even use Mass sending software to send, it is harmless to our website optimization.

External chain specialists are mainly responsible for forum external links, classified information external links, Weibo, blogs, question and answer platforms, comment platforms, Baidu platforms, and soft articles. In addition to paying for external links, you need to communicate well with website editors, build external links related to website content, analyze the quality of external links, and establish high-quality external links.

External chain commissioner's work includes:

1. Friendship link exchange, cross link exchange, link buying and selling (it is generally not recommended)

2. Fully responsible for the construction of external links on the site.

2, and content release, article release, forum and blog participation and comment, design and production of link bait, etc., do blog wheel chain.

Seven, professional seo promotion staff

There may be many people who equate the promotion specialist with the external chain specialist. In fact, this idea is incorrect. What we call online promotion mainly focuses on the promotion of corporate image and product promotion. This focuses on marketing, while the external chain Specialists are mainly focused on website optimization, focusing on SEO optimization. But many company bosses often consider the work done by these two people as one person!

Extension staff work includes:

1. Promotion of corporate blogs, Weibo, and Weishang,

2.B2B promotion (mainly product promotion)

3.Soft text promotion, Baidu product promotion, etc.

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There can be more or fewer people in the seo team. The core point is to make the best use of it, so that people with professional skills can shine in the right position. If there is a complete and detailed seo planning plan, if you have a strong execution ability, Foresight is better.