Online advertising is a commonly used website promotion method.

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Online advertising is a commonly used website promotion method.It is a form of publicity that uses the function of hypertext links.Common online advertisements have various forms such as banner ads, text ads, email ads, classified ads, etc. Tag ads are the most versatile, so sometimes online ads are also equated with logo ads. Logo ads usually create files in GIF, JPG, SWF and other formats, and are inserted into web pages to express advertising content.At the same time, they can also be made with languages such as Javascript Interactivity is generated. After the user clicks the logo advertisement, the content page to be advertised is reached through a hyperlink. According to statistics, the average click rate of logo advertisements is about 1%. Compared with traditional media, online advertising has unique features such as Low cost, not restricted by the ten regions, interactivity, easy advertising statistics, real-time, user initiative, etc.

For the placement of online advertisements, it is advisable to choose a relatively well-known portal site such as Sina, Netease and other large portal sites. For the selection of online advertisements, Xunmei organizes the following professional suggestions;

1. The top of the page is better than the bottom. Statistics show that many visitors are unwilling to get content by manual scrollbars, so the clickthrough rate of ads placed on the top of the page and below the page is different. Ads placed on the top of the page are different The click rate can usually reach 3.5-4%.

2. The larger the area, the better. Generally, the standard sizes of online advertisements are three common specifications: 468 * 60px, 150 * 68px, and 88 * 31px. Obviously, a large advertisement graphic can be more easily noticed by users. Therefore, banners of different sizes The price will also vary.

3. Frequently change advertising pictures. Studies show that when the same picture is rotated for a period of time, the click-through rate will decrease, and when the picture is replaced, the click-through rate will increase again, so maintaining freshness is a good way to attract visitors.

4. Use appropriate advertising language. The text used in the advertisement must be able to arouse enough curiosity and interest of visitors. It can be welcoming, such as "registered members can get a small gift for free", or it can be time-sensitive. Such as "the last price reduction", this very vulgar look, sometimes it is very effective.

5. Keep the advertisement close to the main content of the website. Usually, the comprehensive website will have the latest news or the location of the website's own news. This is often the most attractive part of a website. Therefore, if the advertisement is placed near this location, it will attract more Attention of many people.

6. Appropriate use of animated pictures. Statistics show that the attractiveness of animated pictures is three times higher than that of still pictures. If the animated picture is not applied properly, it will cause the opposite effect, such as too fancy or too large a file to affect the download speed.

7. The role of plain text can not be ignored. Plain text ads can be rotated in email magazines. Due to plain text ads, usually about 100 words of text content can be displayed, and two strokes of ice affect the download speed, so properly worded plain text ads. You can even get a click-through rate of up to 12%.

8. Choose the right advertising site and advertise on sites with different views. The effect is completely different. High-traffic sites can greatly shorten the time you need to obtain the desired effect, thus earning you time, like Sina's news channel. Sohu's search channels have a large amount of traffic.You can consider placing online ads on these portals.