Then let's talk about what SEO does.

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With the upgrade of search engine algorithms, the kind of ranking that can be achieved by making a website no longer exists. SEO has also become a professional discipline, and even more and more SEO professionals are in the business. To recruit an optimized SEOer, and the optimizer also needs to be more professional in order to meet the dual likes of the boss and the search engine, then let's talk about what SEO does.

1. Web content update

The update of the website directly determines the frequency of spiders to crawl. The faster the website is updated, the shorter the time for spiders to crawl, so that it can be indexed by search engines in real time, strengthen the ranking of website keywords, and crawl and update The most direct reflection is the weight of the website.They can promote the weight of the website, increase the weight of the website, and nurture your website faster. Therefore, updating the content of the web page is a prerequisite for website optimization.

2.Site tools

As a website SEO staff must know the role of Site, type site: directly in Baidu search engine, add your domain name, you can see how many pages your website has been crawled by Baidu search engine, and track the number of pages crawled To determine the spider's activity law and which pages of your site are easily crawled and indexed, and you can also see if your homepage is in the first place (if the homepage is downgraded, it will not be in the first place)

3. Website filing

At present, the Ministry of Public Information of the People's Republic of China has very strict requirements for website filing, so only registered websites can use domestic servers, and major server vendors, such as Alibaba Cloud, Xinwang, and even Baidu Space, require that they must not be registered without accessing the website. A website that wants to do a good job in search engine optimization must be documented.

4. Webmaster Tools

Through the webmaster tool, you can easily see various data of the website, such as the age of the domain name, which server the website uses, whether the website is on file, and the current ranking of the most important keywords. As an optimizer, Basically, you need to analyze these data every day, because the neighbor guide will use these data as your KPI assessment. Many leaders do not understand the network. If a professional optimizer is not a good report person, it will be difficult to get The boss believes you,

5. Persist

Optimizing is a long-term process. Many novice SEOers find that the website has no ranking at all within a month. At this time, they will doubt themselves. Is it the wrong method? Is it not enough effort, you will be anxious. The boss is also an impatient. Then he will put pressure on you and pay a month's salary, but it will have no effect. Here, Xunmei reminds you that it is normal for the new station to have no ranking for one month, because Baidu in the first half of the month You need to crawl your website. Baidu will observe your website in the second half of the month. It is true that your website is a high-quality website before it slowly starts to put your website in the ranking position (this may be the first few pages at this time, or it may be (Last dozens of pages), and then slowly move forward through your various tasks.