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厦门网站设计 作品? How to make good Xiamen website design work efficiently ? 厦门网站设计 师而言,时间就是金钱,效率就是生命。 For Xiamen website designers , time is money and efficiency is life. Last week, Design Director Dai Ge shared and summarized some of his work experience for us. Now I share it with friends who like design to learn and exchange. I hope it can make our design and development faster and better. The content of sharing It all revolves around design efficiency.
Methodology is important
"Aesthetic training" is the core and most basic component. Although "good-looking" is an obvious thing, you still need to go back to the most basic and basic place, think, analyze, and know why, to be more Good design. The same is true of wanting to work efficiently.
This is perhaps the most annoying part of this article. The word "methodology" is really a headache. But Evernote has so many efficiency-related articles in its collection that it is still struggling in the abyss of procrastination and lazy cancer. This is not just a cause of "no execution".
"Anxiety is caused by a lack of control and insufficient organizational management, preparation, and action."-David Kekich
Compared to fragmented techniques, a proven methodologies should give you a more solid foundation.
1. Grab all the things that need to be dealt with (now, future, specific time and time), and put them in a logical system out of the brain;
2. Train yourself to make a decision in the early stages of accepting all "input information", so that you can grasp the initiative of actions and events and choose to implement or shelve.
Fuzzy boundary of work
Looks aggressive, right? That's true. Our work and life are not strictly separated, and there is no clear boundary between various affairs and work content: the overall layout of the page being produced needs to be adjusted, and how can the color and contrast of the icons be modified? New homes being renovated need to be confirmed. When can they be confirmed? Wife's birthday is 3 days away. What gift should I give? The department manager just said that what materials need to be prepared to meet in the afternoon?
All these things need to be dealt with, and even many things can be handled better. How do you allocate your energy? Which ones have higher priority? What's even more tangled is that plans can never keep up with new changes. We have to admit that we can never really be fully prepared for new things.
Interference factor
We do talk about designers' efficient work methods, but don't forget that your design and your work will be interrupted by trivial things anytime, anywhere. At this time, we will start to feel anxious and irritable. A large number of interference factors prevent us from focusing on important issues. The overwhelming majority of people are prone to resistance when faced with interference and complicated affairs without special training, which will further strengthen the pressure. Under pressure and more demands, the greatly inflated to-do list will become the last straw that crushes people.
"Your ability to exert energy is directly proportional to your ability to relax."
Working under pressure, the requirements brought about by work continue to "feed back" more pressure, a vicious circle. Anything that can cause you to overreact or underreact may control you. Only when your brain is awake and your emotions are calm can you enter a truly efficient state, and then you can truly control the current situation. It's like the voicing of Rihezhong: "Once I accept this setting, it's pretty sensational."
Working rules
All work tasks and affairs are reduced to "materials". All matters that "invade" your spiritual and real world, but have not determined the ownership and solution, including those that attract your attention, are still pending. "material".
Dealing with affairs means that you need action, but there are still grotesque gaps between "materials" and specific actions, so you need to deal with these "materials". So the problem comes. When we encounter a new task, we often complain that "there is no time to get it done." The reason is very simple, because many times we simply do not have the ability to complete a job at one go, even through certain thinking and combing In the end, all that can be done immediately is just one or a few steps.
So how do you work efficiently? This involves horizontal and vertical work management. The core of both types of management is to get rid of complicated affairs from your brain and let you focus on the "next step".
Horizontal action management
· Collecting all the things that attract our attention
Handle and determine the substance and solution of various matters
· Organize, organize the attributes of different affairs, and classify them
· Review, review your list regularly to see the completion of actions and corresponding reminders
· Execute, complete the next task according to your plan
Vertical job management
After the horizontal management is completed, the next step is to think and operate for each specific theme and specific work. And this is what is usually called vertical management. In a broad sense, vertical management refers to your specific work plan, such as "complete the home page redesign", which requires you to collect information about existing home pages, existing modules and functions, and understand the Purpose, put forward a targeted solution, design a new version of the wireframe, make a prototype, complete a visual draft or high-fidelity prototype, in the process, communicate with the front-end and back-end colleagues in stages to collect specific details, collect materials, and complete the design .
Vertical work management usually focuses on a specific situation and a specific person. It is necessary to outline the necessary ideas, details, important links and the order of events in the implementation process.
Well, for designers, vertical job management and workers in other industries have begun to differ significantly.
The particularity of design itself requires designers to maintain an active brain and sufficient creativity. Therefore, after the horizontal work management in the front clears various tasks out of the brain, the work pressure and resistance are minimized. Vertical job management, or design process, should follow a natural planning model: At this time you don't need to think about receiving express delivery, but any inspiration about the new version of the page has potential value, you should not discard any idea.
The right way to communicate
Whether it's an interaction designer, UI designer, or graphic designer, they are usually not alone. Even the popular "full-stack designers" also need to communicate with their counterparts in different industries.
Correct expression is the basis of communication. UI designers should be clear about the correct title of each interface component to ensure that there is no oolong in the process of communication with development students.
Rigorous design process
Different companies and teams have different design processes, but generally have a relatively rigorous design process to ensure that the team can reasonably collaborate and move forward.
The design process itself ensures the clarity of the division of labor among members of the team. For the designer himself, it is easier to clarify work expectations. In the GTD processing link, it is faster and more efficient to identify the next steps to be performed.
Building material and information libraries
Regardless of the designer, a library of materials and information is always needed.
The construction method of the material library is related to the designer's attributes and habits, but there are only two: online material library and local material library.
做网站设计的朋友能收获到一些启发。 Well, that's almost all of this content, I hope that all friends who do website design can get some inspiration.