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If we continue to focus on improving user experience, Xiamen website optimization is guided by improving user experience, then the effectiveness of Xiamen website optimization will come naturally. Everything should be carried out under the premise of emphasizing user experience and improving user experience. So doing a good job of optimizing your site for search engines doesn't mean you have to sacrifice user experience.

Although the website structure is just a superficial thing, a good website structure can improve the user experience and make a deep impression. Take two SEO-optimized websites. One website has intricate typography, complicated links, and the other has a concise and generous structure, so users will spend much more time on such websites. The optimization of the website structure is a key point to improve the user experience. Do a good job of the facade first, and further optimize it from the inside. The impression of NO.1 is very important.

To improve the user experience, we must start with the factors of the article on the site. Nuo Everest seo believes that whether we are users or ourselves, in the process of searching for certain information on the search engine, we hope that we can find the required information content. The search results and The more similar our needs are, the higher our satisfaction will be. To make a good user experience, you must first make good content, and ensure the relevance of the content to the theme of the website. When updating the content, we must consider whether this is what the user wants, and whether the content is valuable to the user. Can we provide users with the content they need! In view of this, the first thing we need to do to optimize our website is to locate the content of the website.

A good Xiamen website construction SEO is not only to make the website rank high, but also to make it have an excellent user experience. Think about it, even if your website is the homepage, there are those basic IPs every day, but the website user experience is very poor, and users do not want to continue browsing after entering the website. Will there be repeat customers on such a website? OK? How can it bring benefits to the website? So user experience is an indispensable part of SEO optimization. So, how to do a good user experience for a website? We can look at it from the following aspects:

Sense : When the user first enters our website, what is printed is the homepage of the website. The display of the homepage should not be complicated and confusing. The website theme should be displayed with concise navigation, text, and pictures. It should not be too complicated. Give users a fresh look. Operation: For example, in a website that provides registration, registration needs to be simple and easy to use, and at the same time give users tips to help them more easily accept the website, understand the website, and integrate into the website. Browsing: The ranking of website columns should not be too deep. When users click for too long without finding what they need, they will get bored and jump out of the website. The paragraph level of the article should be clear, and the background color and font should be coordinated, which is easier for users to watch.

Content : According to the website's target group, think about what kind of content users should search and find, and what kind of content is more in line with the "appetite" of this type of crowd. After completing the article, add some highly relevant internal links in the article, and set related recommendation columns on the website to facilitate users to check, while increasing the user's stay time on the website and reducing bounce rates.

The user experience is even if the design and operation of the website revolves around facilitating user access to information, enhancing the ease of use and stability of the website, enriching the information content of the website, maintaining the freshness and uniqueness of the content, and helping users obtain more similar products through the website. Website information, etc., so that the value of the website to users can be brought into play, allowing users to obtain practical value and feedback through the website.