How to choose the right keyword ranking optimization criteria

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For the selection of keywords, the selection of webmasters is serious, because they are very clear about the position of keywords in the website. If the keyword optimization ranking is high, visitors will pass the search engine quickly. Finding your website, so as to better understand your website information, increase the traffic of your website, and then bring traffic, which can bring rich rewards to website operators. Over time, the popularity of the website will increase greatly. However, if the keywords are not chosen properly, the consequences can be unimaginable. In addition to possibly affecting traffic, it may also affect the writing content of the entire website, so making changes next is not so easy. Therefore, we need to choose the right keywords. So, what are the criteria for choosing keywords?

First, analyze the search volume of keywords but not too broad

The keywords of the website are the core steps. Of course, they cannot be ideal. Of course, keyword research is required to ensure that this keyword is indeed searched by people. Imagine if no one searches for keywords that would be valuable? Therefore, to determine the appropriate keywords for a website, the first thing to do is to research and analyze which keywords are easy to search and how high the search rate is. Of course, some people will think that if you choose a broader keyword, the search rate will be higher, but it is wrong. Such keywords are too competitive and cost more, and may not bring traffic, so they are too broad. The keywords are relatively inefficient. Therefore, it is recommended that the keywords selected should be more specific and targeted.

Second, choose keywords that are relevant to the content but not too narrow

When choosing keywords, you must pay attention to the content. The reason is very simple. When visitors find that the search terms are not related to the content of the website, they will feel deceived, and they will leave at a glance. Deceptive keywords It can indeed bring a lot of traffic, but this traffic will not be converted into effective traffic at all, it is also harmful to the website, and it may be punished by search engines. Therefore, the keywords must be related to the content, which is an accurate refinement of the content. So the key is, the positioning of keywords is related to the content, so the selection range should be as narrow as possible? It's not that too narrow will often only reduce the number of searches greatly, even no one searches, which is also fatal to the website.

Third, try to use long tail keywords

The long tail theory is already a consensus in the industry, because the content of the website is written according to long tail words, and the accurate words are long tail words. The long tail words can reflect user needs, user intentions, user search behavior, and so on. The more accurate the words, the smaller the range of words. In general, long-tail keywords are keywords that contain more than one word, and they are complementary to general keywords. Compared with common words, long-tail keywords have less competition, and their own websites are more easily found by search engines and even users. So choosing a certain number of long-tail keywords for your website will make our website get more traffic.

Fourth, choose keywords that have been searched more often and have less competition

When selecting keywords, the ideal state of each SEO staff is to hope that their keywords are keywords with a high number of searches and less competition, which can not only bring good traffic to the website, but also ensure that the SEO process Reduce the difficulty of operation. Unfortunately, reality is not so perfect, and keywords with large search volume are also highly competitive. Therefore, through a large number of fine keyword mining and analysis, find some keywords that are relatively more searched and relatively less competitive.

Xiamen website optimization work is limited, but I hope that the webmasters' thinking is not limited. A large amount of data analysis is needed in the selection of keywords, and even some effective information can be obtained through some research by friends around them, and comprehensive analysis can be performed. Select keywords well, bring traffic to the website, and bring rewards to the operator.

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