Several methods need to be grasped to increase the construction of external chains

Keywords: external chain construction

Every month, webmasters almost encounter various problems caused by the sudden reduction of external links on the website. When we dived into the external links of our website, did we summarize some tips for external links?

normal method.

1. Blogs, forums.

These two methods are the most familiar to every webmaster, and they have been tried and tested, Takamatsu only left a sentence here: Persist in the end.

2. Soft text adds external links.

Writing soft articles is one of the key skills that a real SEOer must master. According to your own situation, regularly publish high-quality original soft articles on major forums or portals, and bring target links. Once approved and successfully published, it will give you The website has brought very good results. Regarding originality, the situation in China does not seem to be very flat, because many people do not know how to respect originality after reprinting, and delete the target link, but now search engines have become more and more judgmental about originality. Accurate, and given a high weight to the original, so soft text is still a more effective way to add high-quality external links.

3. Friendly links.

Remember the two keywords "strongly relevant" and "health and safety", SEO will not explain them one by one here. If you do n’t know about Baidu, you will know.

Leverage strength-develop applications.

Currently popular platforms like Baidu app, Android app, etc. You can develop some small apps according to your preferences, and you can publish and share. If you add a target link in the appropriate place when publishing the share, once this application has a good click , Download, use, will bring you high quality external links.

External links are posted on other people's websites, and every time Baidu updates, the content of other people's websites is deleted due to changes in the algorithm. As a result, this article containing its own URL is deleted from the database by Baidu. , This will cause this related domain to be invalid. If dozens or hundreds of external links are deleted by Baidu for the same reason, the number of Baidu related domains will decrease sharply. In this regard, for Baidu ’s external chain construction, grasp the following Clicking will allow the external chain to be counted into the effective related domain for a long time.

First, the content of the external link.

Baidu has always liked to include original content, and external link content must be made with original content. As long as it is original content, Baidu is 100% included. Because its database does not have similar seo-optimized fields, and such originals are easily Save it, whether it is posted on the website, forum or blog, it must be considered from the original intention of long-term preservation. The administrators will not delete the original content when they see it. First, they must save the external links that they publish. This is the first step. Any website that contains normal content is very fast in collecting original content, and high-quality content will also be reprinted by websites with the same theme. This will result in more effective external links.

Second, the title of the external link.

When doing external link content, the title of the external link is particularly important. A good title will not only become a long-tail keyword, but also convert your product or service into sales behavior. First, look at the site where you want to publish the external link and see Is there any duplicate keywords in the content already included that you want to publish? If not, publish them directly. If there are duplicate keywords in the title, then adjust the wording of the title to avoid Baidu not including it and Baidu not Include two articles with exactly the same title, just take one of them according to the publishing order. There are N article titles in the website that contain the same keywords, but only one will be reflected in the search results.

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