Micro-site secondary development

Second development of WeChat WeChat You can customize the underlying function menu and build a WeChat site, which provides various functions such as WeChat, interactive games, and corporate display. The secondary development of the enterprise WeChat WeChat website can connect with the enterprise website, mobile station and APP to achieve data synchronization. For many traditional websites, it is understandable to build a micro-site to meet the needs of different customers. What methods and ideas can we learn?

I. Pay attention to the opportunity of strong relationships in the secondary development of micro-sites

The micro-site's point-to-point product form is destined to develop ordinary relationships into strong relationships through interactive forms, thereby generating greater value. Establish a connection with users through interaction. Interaction is chat, which can answer doubts, tell stories, and even “sell cute”. In all forms, let the company form a friend relationship with consumers. You will not trust strangers, but will trust you. friend".

Second, micro-site secondary development should pay attention to point-to-point precise marketing

Weibo has a huge user base. With the advantages of mobile terminals, natural social and location positioning, every information can be pushed, which can give every individual the opportunity to receive this information, and then help the merchant to achieve point-to-point precision. Marketing.

Third, the secondary development of micro-websites needs to be flexible and diverse

1. QR code, enable o2o mode: Users can scan and identify the QR code to add friends and follow corporate account; companies can set their own brand QR codes, use discounts and offers to attract user attention, and develop O2O Marketing model.

2. WeChat mall: WeChat mall system is a social e-commerce system developed based on WeChat by the third-party platform of WeChat. It is also a traditional Internet, mobile Internet, WeChat mall, Yixin Mall, and APP mall. Corporate shopping system. As the most popular social information platform at present, WeChat is also a major portal for mobile terminals. It is evolving into a large business transaction platform, and its disruptive changes to the marketing industry are beginning to appear. For businesses, it can help open the business mall to everyone's mobile phone. For consumers, they can shop anytime, anywhere. And because of its popularity, many companies have provided a platform developed by micro-shops for business use.

3. Open platform: Through the micro-site open platform, application developers can access third-party applications, and the application's logo can be placed in the accessory column of the micro-site, so that users can easily call third-party applications in the session for content selection and share it.

4. Weiguan Website: Weiguan Website is a new generation of websites adapted to mobile client browsing experience and interactive performance requirements. Weiguan website is compatible with various smart phone operating systems such as iOS, android, WP, etc., and can be easily linked with WeChat, Weibo and other online interactive consulting platforms. Weiguan's website page is completely suitable for mobile phones and tablets, and can automatically identify the screen size of customers, streamlined website content, small page resources, fast loading speed, and good user experience.

5. Public platform: On the micro-site public platform, everyone can use a QQ number to create their own micro-site public account, and realize full-scale communication with specific groups of text, pictures, and voice on the micro-site platform. interactive.

6. Promotion of various activities: Coupons, scratch cards, big turntables, and micro-votes can also be developed through the development of the secondary WeChat platform, attracting target consumers to participate in activities, so as to achieve the expected promotion purpose.

The new model of micro-site secondary development provides solutions for many enterprises. Enterprises can put forward corresponding requirements according to the development of their own enterprises. Developers can develop and innovate original functions according to the different needs of enterprises, meet the products and marketing styles of different enterprises, and create their own unique micro-websites. This measure provides enterprises with flexible marketing services, helps the company's micro-website to provide users with more intimate and more core functions and services, and paves the way for successful brand promotion and word-of-mouth marketing.