How to do SEO optimization for new websites

Generally speaking, it is difficult to optimize SEO for new websites. Search engine optimization is difficult for new websites. How can we help new websites solve website optimization problems? These are issues that every webmaster is concerned about. For SEO optimization tutorials for new websites, we usually need to use long-term vision to optimize the website. Next, let us introduce you to some points.

1. Website URL is stable

For start-up websites, there are many web pages that will face revision or even restructuring during the development of the site. The unique identifier used by search engines when recording a web page is the URL. It is very important to keep the URL rules stable. This is like a person's mobile phone number. Even if you change it only once, some of your friends will never find you again. When the URL of a webpage is changed, the new URL may not be able to correspond to the old URL, and the weight accumulated by the old URL history will be lost, resulting in a decrease in search traffic. In summary, maintaining the stability of the URL of the webpage is an issue that needs to be planned before the new site goes online.

2.Dead chain & external chain processing

At present, the external links in the website have rarely affected the site evaluation of the website, but it does not mean that the website can completely ignore the external links; if the external links in the page are dead links, it is very unfriendly to the user experience itself Behavior, the presence of a large number of dead links on the website will also affect the site evaluation. It is recommended to regularly clean up the dead links and external links of the website.

3, the website in the optimization process to prevent cheating

Like those website optimization software ads that attract customers everywhere, it ’s better to have the ability to do a few website optimization and speak with the facts to attract the attention of customers, and customers will automatically find the door, so there is no need to waste advertising Fees, everyone must be able to withstand the temptation, do not be satisfied with the homepage, and do not give up because of failure. As a reminder, if you don't want to be k, look for rules about search engines.

Step-by-step optimization

As long as you seriously build a website and maintain it for a long period of time, you can reach a certain level, and you will also encounter some optimization problems of new stations at a certain stage. Do n’t rush to success. Optimization is not conducive to website optimization. This will make search engines feel that you are cheating, and your number of external links is increasing, so it is determined to be at risk. The most important thing is that external links must be gradual, and search engines like user experience. If you Website optimization is based on your guarantee of user experience, because it does not like the small actions you do to optimize your website because of website optimization. At this point your progress is slow, and you are also facing the path of self-destruction.

The above is how the emerging website shared today is optimized for SEO. I hope it can help everyone's work.