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Four major service commitments

  • Brand Website Construction

    企业官网、电商门户网站、博客论坛 · Corporate website, e-commerce portal, blog forum

    html5响应式网站、多语言网站 Html5 responsive website, multilingual website

    前端交互、前端编写 Front-end interaction and front-end writing

  • Mobile Internet Development

    手机网站建设 · Mobile website construction

    手机网站建设 · Mobile website construction

    H5营销活动页面 · H5 marketing campaign page

    微信平台开发 · WeChat platform development

  • Web hosting

    日常的内容编辑更新 · Daily content editing updates

    域名服务、企业邮箱、主机服务 · Domain Name Service, Enterprise Email, Hosting Service

    网站的病毒防范、漏斗修补、木马查杀 · Web site virus prevention, funnel repair, Trojan horse killing

  • brand design

    网页设计、H5营销页设计、APP界面设计 Web design, H5 marketing page design, APP interface design

    淘宝、京东等店铺页面设计 · Taobao, Jingdong and other store page design

    企业LOGO及标志设计 · Logo design

    平面广告、产品包装、印刷品设计 · Print advertising, product packaging, print design

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Service Process

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